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Banif@st Term Deposit

The Banif@st Term Deposit Account is available exclusively to Personal and Business Banif@st Internet Banking subscribers.

It offers attractive interest rates that vary according to the term of the account. This term deposit is not renewable. On maturity the capital and interest earned will be transferred to a current or savings account.

To view the Bank's interest rates, please click here.

 Product Characteristics
 Account Opening  The account is exclusive to Banif@st users
 Customer Segment  Personal & Business Customers
 Interest rates  As indicated in the table shown above
 Account Balance  Balance between €500 and €250,000
 Term  45, 90, 180 or 360 days 
 Interest Payment  Interest is paid in a current or savings account at the end of the term

How to Apply

To open a Banif@st Term Deposit Account you need to subscribe to Banif@st Internet Banking Service.

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