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Credit Cards

                                                                   WHY DO I BELIEVE? 

                               I want the freedom that comes with owning a Credit Card. 

             I want an easy and secure method of payment to shop locally, abroad and online. 



In order to start using my card I must call Banif on 2260 1000 from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm to activate the card. The Customer Care team will guide me through this simple process. 


Once the card is activated, I can make use of it at any establishment that carries the Visa logo both locally and abroad. Cash withdrawals can also be made from any ATM that displays the Visa brand. In order to reduce lost/stolen card fraud and counterfeit activities, this card is equipped with the new EMV Chip technology which enhances security. This new technology required the use of the PIN to authorise purchases, hence replacing the need to sign a transaction receipt upon card usage. 

Security Tips 

  • sign your card immediately upon receipt;
  • don't let anyone else use your Credit Card; 
  • memorise your PIN or keep the PIN in a safe place; 
  • don't write your PIN on your card or keep the PIN inside your wallet along with the Credit Card; 
  • destroy expired or unwanted card by cutting diagonally; 
  • when paying with a card, be alert for any strange or unusual behaviour from the sales person; 
  • keep your Credit Card in sight, particularly when using it in areas/countries known for fraudulent activity. 

Interest Free Period 

My Credit Card offers me an interest free period that may last up to 51 days from date of purchase or withdrawal. I can avoid paying interest on purchase transactions and cash advances by paying off my account in full by the specified payment due date each month. 


The monthly Credit Card statement will be issued on the 2nd of each month or the next business day if this falls on a non-business day. The Bank will not issue a monthly statement if no amount has been debited or credited to the Credit Card account since the preceding monthly statement was issued, or if there is no outstanding balance due on the Card. Furthermore, the payment date for Direct Debit mandates is the 22nd of every month or the next business day if the 22nd falls on a non-business day.

Direct Debit & Additional Payments 

Automatic monthly repayments into my Credit Card account are made from my chosen current or savings account. I will choose the percentage of my running balance which I would like to be paid each month and this will be automatically deducted from my chosen current or savings account. I am responsible for ensuring that there are enough cleared funds in the indicated current or savings account on the Payment Date to cover the minimum payment amount every month. The repayment will not be effected if there is an insufficient balance on the payment date in which case, I will also incur charges indicated hereAdditional payments made between the statement date and payment due date may be made over and above the repayment made through this Direct Debit feature.

Investigation Fees on Disputed Transactions 

When I report an invalid or unauthorised transaction, the Bank will carry out a full investigation. If following an investigation by the Bank, the investigation results show that the report made was unfounded, I will be bound to pay the charges due to the Bank in relation to the disputed transaction, as indicated here. To download the Cardholder Transaction Dispute Form, click here

Daily Limits 

  • Purchases - no daily limits 
  • Visa Debit Card - ATM cash withdrawal -   €500
  • Classic Credit Card - ATM Cash Advance - €500
  • Gold Credit Card - ATM Cash Advance - €2,000


Terms and conditions apply. All credit cards are subject to the Bank's lending criteria. The Bank reserves the right to amend or withdraw the product from the market at any time at its sole and absolute discretion and without any prior notice. Banif Bank (Malta) plc is a credit institution licensed to undertake the business of banking by the MFSA in terms of the Banking Act 1994 and is a member of the Depositor Compensation Scheme established under the Depositor Compensation Scheme Regulations (Legal notice 383 of 2015). Registered in Malta C41030 - 203, Level 2, Rue D'Argens, Gzira, GZR 1368, Malta.


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Banif Bank (Malta) plc is a credit institution licensed by the MFSA to undertake
the business of banking in terms of the Banking Act 1994.